Solar PV - Sonnenkraft VK25


Features of Sonnenkraft Solar PV evacuated tube collector VK25

Higher output due to vacuum insulation
High temperatures – even in poor weather conditions
High output due to exploitation of diffuse and oblique radiation via CPC reflector and circular evacuated tube absorber
Simple maintenance – tubes can be changed without having to drain solar circuit
Simple assembly process – low assembly costs
High output even at lower outside temperatures

Sonnenkraft VK25 evacuated tube collectors ensure high output at low outdoor temperatures, particularly when used with heating systems. They are delivered as prefabricated modules for roof mounting.

Collectors consist of;
Base frame
Manifold housing
CPC reflector
Heat exchangers
Evacuated pipes including absorber. 

Works Well In Low Temperatures
Uses vacuum insulation ensuring high output and high temperatures – even in poor weather conditions, like low outside temperature. 

Simple Maintenance
It's easy to change the tubes of the VK25 without having to empty the solar loops. 

High Efficiency
The Sonnenkraft VK25 has high output due to exploitation of diffuse and oblique radiation. This is used via CPC reflector and its circular evacuated tube absorber.