Solar PV Panel - Sonnenkraft SKR500


Benefits of the on roof Solar PV panel collector Sonnenkraft SKR500

  • Unique frameless design
  • Specific fastening system - installed using just one tool
  • Improved performance levels
  • Self-draining and hence excellent stagnation behaviour
  • Fastening system for all standard areas of application
  • Stylish collector with 2.57m2 of gross area
  • Lightweight - weighing just 38 kg
  • Patented, tool-free, hydraulic quick connector
  • Collector and fastening statically calculated in accordance with applicable standard EN 1991
  • Available as an upright or horizontal format collector


The brand new and exclusive SONNENKRAFT Solar PV Panel collector combines the latest technology with an established design. The Sonnenkraft SKR500 is the first solar energy collector with a frameless design and an extremely fast Plug & Flow® installation.

The fastening system allows fast quick installation using just one standard tool. The flat, lightweight and frameless solar collector looks good in all standard installation variants.