Solar Thermal Heating is an innovative way to capture solar energy directly from the sun. Naturally heating water and supplementing hot water demands in your home, property or business.


Why should I invest in Solar Thermal?

One selling point is that sunlight is free. So although you have an initial outlay for installation your hot water bills could be reduced by up to 80% every year – forever!

Solar Thermal Heating provides hot water throughout the year so even on cold days when the sun is still shining, hot water can still be produced.

All Solar Thermal installations are covered under the UK Government's Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme so you can earn an extra income too! This is simply by installing panels on your roof.

How does Solar Thermal Heating work?

Solar thermal works in a similar way to leaving a hosepipe out in the sun. It generates renewable heated water using a flat plate solar panel called a collector that is fitted to the side of your roof. Inside the collectors are coils of copper pipe which, when you add sunshine, heat up the water that is slowly moving inside them.

There is a transfer fluid that we push through the pipes and once this reaches the required temperature it is pumped into a heat exchanger within a large storage tank (we call this a thermal store). This ‘transfer fluid’ then literally transfers its heat into the hot water through the heat exchanger and the hot water that we all know and love stays in the thermal store ready for whenever you need it.

When the water within the thermal store falls below a set temperature the pump simply starts up and the process is repeated again.






Benefits of Solar Thermal Heating

Lower installation cost than typical PV solar for same KW production
Works all year round
Extremely low maintenance
Fully automated
Excellent as a link in system to biomass

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