SERVICES at green square

At Green Square we pride ourselves on our service levels. From an informal first discussion to a final detailed quotation, we will always ensure you feel confident in our products and prices.


Design and Survey

It is essential that an in-depth site survey should be conducted by experienced/qualified personnel prior to purchasing to ensure that the technology that you have chosen is sized appropriately to maximise its efficiency.

You can arrange a site survey through your nearest Green Square showroom.

If you wish to explore the possibilities of having your own renewable solution, please contact your nearest Energy Centre where you can talk directly to one of our specialist consultants who can help you to design your own solution that can be fully integrated with a wide range of renewable technologies.  Once we have an understanding of what is required we can tell you whether a renewable system is both possible and financially viable with solutions and estimated costs.

It is also very important to us that we do not put you under any pressure whatsoever, especially in your own home.  This is why we go to the extra expense of having a local showroom.  We want you to feel completely comfortable in any decision you make, after all, its one of the largest financial investments you may make… and hopefully one of the most rewarding.


Green Square supply and install domestic and commercial renewable energy products including; Biomass stoves, Biomass boilers, Air source heat pumps, Ground source heat pumps, Solar PV, Solar thermal and Battery storage systems. These can be installed alongside traditional heating appliances or as compete renewable solution.

Locally qualified renewable energy installers

With our growing network of UK showrooms, we provide a local qualified renewable energy installer to help advise you through every step of the installation process. We want to help you make the right choices with renewables and offer easy and simple advice from our experts. This includes drawing up projects and designing as part of our services.

Replacing your costly fossil fuel boiler and benefiting from the government renewable incentive is a popular choice. As well as designing a cheaper energy solution for new build properties and projects. We can assist architects, self builds with projects from the start of planning.

We have qualified technicians to install your renewable system that have been fully trained. Taking place at our purpose built training centre in Suffolk which offers extensive training on all products used within the Green Square portfolio.


Let's build for the future

It’s vital to ensure that any New Build Properties are building compliment and minimise energy use, reducing harmful emissions to the environment. We can help at the planning stage and integrate renewables into the properties initial design.


After Sales

Unlike other renewable providers, we have showrooms where you can visit us should anything go wrong with your renewable solution.  We don't hide behind mobile telephone numbers, we have a front door that you can walk through and talk to a member of our team directly.

We are here to help you and are here for the long term.  We want you to feel confident in the service we provide and we want to ensure you tell your friends and family what a great company we are to work with.

Call us when every you have any issues or even if you just want to ask us for some advice - that's the Green Square way.

New Build Properties

The construction and use of our homes has a strong environmental impact to be considered. Water use, waste generation and use of polluting materials are just a few factors. These problems can be significantly reduced through the integration of higher sustainability performance standards through the design process.

At Green Square we are able to fully assist in design work, cutting down installation costs from the outset. Creating more sustainable homes can also provide improved overall wellbeing and quality of life in the long term.

Sustainable Homes Code of Practice

The Code for Sustainable Homes attempts to drive a step-change in sustainable home building practice. It is a standard for key elements of design and construction, which affects the sustainability of a new home. This will become the national standard for sustainable homes, used by home designers and builders as a guide to development. It also assists home-buyers in their home choices.

The practice will serve the basis for future developments of the Building Regulations in carbon emissions and energy usage. This will offer greater regulatory certainty to developers.

In the era of environmental awareness, it will offer a tool for developers to differentiate themselves. If we build the homes we need, by 2050 as much as one-third of the total housing stock will have been built.

Current building plans offer an important opportunity to build the highest standards of sustainability into the homes of the future. The practice allows us to build future housing stock that meets our needs and protects the environment.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

If you are a commercial business, there are currently Government incentives that can help pay the upfront costs of renewable energy products, as well as paying an on-going tariff over the next 20 years.

The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme has been introduced to cut carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as wood and solar. In order to be eligible, heating systems under 45kw need to be accredited under the Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) where premium payments (money off up-front) and on-going payments over a period of time can then be accessed.

Green Square is fully MCS registered, as are our installers and products, ensuring any investment you make on a renewable system for your business experiences on-going return on its investment.

If you would like a member of Green Square to visit your premises to discuss how renewable solutions can enhance your business, please click here and we will call you back. Alternatively, pick up the phone and call us to have a chat about how you and your business can benefit from the RHI and how you can keep control of your energy costs.