Robus Biopel compact 30


Range:                  8.5-31.5kW

Efficiency:          93.4% (Class 5)

Fuel:                       6-8 mm wood pellets

Heats:                   200-300 m²*

Replaces:            5000 litres of oil/y

Width:                  555 mm

Depth:                  757 mm

Height:                 1054 mm

*Based on a well insulated home

Compact Hopper:

Capacity:             150kg             250kg

Refill Every:       4-6 days        6-8 days

Width:                  450 mm         450 mm

Depth:                  1015 mm      1015 mm

Height:                 1017 mm      1017 mm


  • Flue temperature sensor
  • 30kW Burner
  • Version 8 & 10 controller option
  • 55℃ Load valve

The Robus Biopel are fully automatic pellet boilers, designed for convenient, economic and ecological heating of family homes and commercial buildings. All of the boilers have incredibly low emissions and comply with Europe’s strict EN303/5 class 5 emissions regulations. The high efficiency coupled with large pellet hoppers mean the boilers can run for long periods without any user input whatsoever. A wealth of accessories can be fitted to the boiler at the time of installation or at any time in the boiler’s life as an “upgrade”. This means the boilers suit all budgets and lifestyles – from young families needing a durable, dependable, highly efficient heating appliance to professionals requiring a state-of-the-art self-cleaning boiler that takes care of itself.