Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers home and business owners using renewable energy products fixed payments. This is calculated by every kWh of heat generated on your property.

Renewable energy technologies eligible for RHI include;

•    Biomass Boilers
•    Biomass Pellet Stoves
•    Ground Source Heat Pumps
•    Air Source Heat Pumps
•    Solar PV
•    Solar Thermal

The UK Government publishes information on how much will be paid per kWh on their website. This is updated regularly, and can be found on their site.

We have an informative Renewable Energy Blog, packed with answers and details on renewables to help your switch as simple as possible.

Green Square have introduced an easy way to estimate earnings with RHI using our Renewable Heat Incentive calculator. It's a great way to understand how your initial costs can actually be long term investments with our products.