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Our Case Studies

Installation of a NIBE F1255 Ground Source Heat Pump

This was one of the first New NIBE invertor driven Ground source heat pumps to be installed in the UK. Using a ground loop.

Installation of a F1155 NIBe 12kw GSHP, using a horizontal groundloop

We have designed a new GSHP system taking into account plans to extend the home in 2019 ensuring we make the system easily accessible to add in future.

Installation of an air source heat pump and a direct hot water cylinder

Green Square installed a New Pellet stove by MCZ in their open plan kitchen/diner.

Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump

Stephen had been using a solid fuel coal boiler for the last 25 years in his 3 bedroom semi-detached cottage in the north Hampshire countryside.



Installation of a double sided ROCAL stove

Our client was having a new extension built and wanted to use an existing brick external chimney (which became internal after the extension.

Ground Source Heat Pump with internal Direct Hot Water storage

Green Square installed a 12kw NIBE F1245 GSHP with internal DHW storage (all in one unit).  We used a horizontal ground loop system requiring approximately 600 sqm of usable ground.


Biomass boiler & thermal store

“I was astonished when I spoke with Green Square. Their friendly approach and practical solutions reaffirmed our decision to choose renewable energy products to heat our home and water.”

Monobloc air source
heat pumps

“The heating and hotwater supplies to my home are working brilliantly. It’s been a fantastic decision, the new house pays for itself entirely. ”

Pellet stoves

"We not only have a beautiful talking point in our home now but also an investment for long term financial savings"