Ground source heat pump - Nibe F1345



Ground Source Heat Pump

The most user friendly commercial heat pump available
Perfect for buildings with a high heat demand
Outputs from 24-540KW in cascade configuration
Industry leading seasonal performance
Speed controlled circulation pumps for optimized heating and hot water production
High flow temperatures up to 65 C for improved domestic hot water comfort
In built accessory card for greater installation flexibility
User friendly multi-colour display with help guide
Low refrigerant volume less than 5 tonnes of CO2
NIBE Uplink ready
Up to 8 climate systems including passive & active cooling

NIBE F1345 is one of our new generation cost effective, efficient ground source heat pumps. With an integrated immersion heater, circulation pumps and a control system.


It is an ideal ground source heat pump for large residential homes or multi-occupancy buildings. As well as commercial premises with large heating and cooling demands.


Equipped with an easy-to-read large control unit to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.