UK back in top 10 Countries for Renewable Energy

After moving up an impressive 4 places since last 2016 on EY’s renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI) – the UK is now back in the top 10 destinations for Renewable Energy. Interestingly, the latest report also shows America fall from the number 1 position following on from the changes introduced by Donald Trump.

We can now see that the UK has managed to turn it’s downward trend around, with its lowest position being 14th. Although uncertainty follows with Brexit and a Whitehall replacement, which sees the Department of Energy and Climate change become a bigger ministry. Even though we have seen a positive improvement as of late, the future of investment and plans remains compliacated around targets.

There is still uncertainty around Brexit, and what will happen as a result. There are questions around the renewable energy targets, subsidies and our connectivity with European power markets. The funding that has been designated has been described as moderate, and doubts have arisen about how the UK can stay at the top amongst it’s European counterparts in future

Positive feedback has been returned on the UK offshore windfarms that have been massively influencial, and will continture to grow and succeed. They have been described as some of the Uk’s best hope for future investment for renewables. The farms are creating an entire sustainable industry which in turn will lower costs and ensure better value for money in the UK.