Offshore Windfarm introduces Largest Wind Turbines in the World

May 2017 saw Britain introduce the world’s leading wind turbine technology in Liverpool. The turbines stand at an impressive 195 metres total length, with blades measuring over 500ft. This is also the first time that the 8MW turbines have been used commercially anywhere in the world! It was installed by the Danish company ‘Dong Energy’ completing over 30 of the world’s largest turbines, in Liverpool Bay – this was part of the bigger extension project Burbo Bank. The project went live on May 17th 2017.

The advances of renewable technologies can be seen when comparing against another nearby wind farm which was rendered over 10 years ago. This has truly maximised wind power by doubling in power, showing us that the advances are extremely promising.

Along with these exciting steps for Renewable energy, the UK can actually state that it has introduced more offshore wind power stations that any other country thanks to subsidies, new regulations, and maritime involvements in the past have made this an achievable success for Britain.

This sets England and the UK’s capacity a whopping 5.3GW, which translates to power for over 4 million homes in Britain. There are currently a further 8 large scale projects in the pipeline, many of which are already undergoing construction. These projects will add more than 50% to the current capacity once more.

The improvements will also mean that the clean energy sector will continue to receive support from taxpayers in the UK, whilst ministers have issued warnings about cuts are to be made within the industry. These projects are vital for driving down costs as a whole, for the renewable energy industry.