Renewables Generate more than Gas & Coal in Britain

For the first time Renewable energy sources (including power from wind, solar, hydro and wood pellet burning) have generated more electricity that gas and coal in Britain. This totalled 50.7% as reported by the National Grid as of Wednesday 7th June 2017 midday.

If nuclear were to be added to these figures we saw a further increase up to 72.1% electricity generation by the afternoon. This day was perfect for renewables to shine as there was a great combination of wind and sunshine for maximum electricity generation.

The news was broadcast to the internet from the National Grid social media pages who are responsible for managing power supply around the UK – notably twitter stating "For the first time ever this lunchtime wind, nuclear and solar were all generating more than both gas and coal combined."

Wind turbines are really pushing renewables with huge investments recently to show their potential. On Tuesday 6th June, 10% of the UK’s power was generated solely from offshore wind farms. This is set to continue as costs still decrease.

The news serves as a great milestone towards our promises to the low carbon economy and our future.