Energy Efficiency Product Label Changes

Whether you have bought a new TV or a new refrigerator of late, you will have noticed that the upgraded appliances are rated in terms of their energy efficiency. This will be stated from A +++ to G. The purpose of this was to help distinguish which products are the most energy efficient. For anyone conscious of these decisions, it’s great to know which products will also be the worst for your property!

Everyone wants to make informed decisions when buying products, so it was thought that the specifics of this system would help the public. However, the duplicate A+ and A++ system may have confused some people so there have now been plans to simplify again – decided in March 2017.

The Energy labelling first came into effect with household appliances in 2008, with the additional +++ system following 2 years later in 2010. Unfortunately this seemed to have the opposite of the desired effect and actually deterred people from really paying more attention to the ratings. As an example, refrigerators must have a minimum standard of A+ anyway, so it can become complicated when trying to decide, especially if the system is new to you.

Because of this, all product categories will be changing once again. This will take some time, with dishwashers, fridges and washing machines coming into action in around a years time. TV and lighting products will be substantially longer at 6 years, as well as heaters and boilers being up to 13 years. All of the changes will not come into effect until about 2030.

Another aspect that sounds promising is that there are now plans to produce a database where customers can compare the efficiency of products. This database will be introduced hopefully within the next 2 years.

The changes will have to be officially approved by Parliament and Council before it will come into action. Reverting back to the old A-G rating system should make it much easier for customers to make educated decisions about energy products for your property.