Tescos Convert to 100% Renewable Sources

Tesco stores in Britain will be switching to fully renewable electricity in 2017, and their worldwide stores will follow on from by 2030. This will provide a heightened demand in the renewable sector. As well as making the switch to buying only green energy, Tesco intend to also generate their own electricity too.

They have stated that they have spent over £700 million on efficient energy since 2007, which has helped reduce electricity bills by a hefty £200 million a year as well as reducing their carbon emissions and footprint by 41%.

Tesco has also recognised that as a large food retailer, their long term business success does depend on the health of the natural and surrounding environment. Customers are said to be expecting more people to play their part in looking after for the planet.

From this year, they will be switching to 100% renewable electricity throughout the UK and Ireland. Thailand had an £8 million on site solar power generation in 2016, which also sees growth in the future. When one of the leading supermarket chains switch over to renewables, it is hoped that many others will follow suit for 2017.