Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pump


Our Extensive range of Ecodan air source heat pumps offer an alternative choice to traditional heating systems.

Catering to small flats to large detached houses. From office blocks to a schools.


These air source heat pumps use proven inverter driven heat pump technology to deliver effective, low carbon heating and hot water. Mitsubishi’s award winning Ecodan systems provide a simple, renewable solution that easily rivals traditional heating systems:

•    Reduces running costs and CO2 emissions
•    Easy to design, install and maintain
•    Fully scalable
•    Works independently or in conjunction with other systems
•    Optimised systems from 4kW to 688kW

Efficient space heating

The Mitsubishi air source heat pump provides heating from all kinds of properties. From small flats to large detached houses. From office blocks to a schools. TheEcodan pump offers a convenient and simple choice compared to traditional heating systems.

Ecodan is a reliable, sustainable heating technology. It is able to provide efficient space heating and hot water all year round.

Like any heating system, Ecodan works most effectively in properties with highthermal efficiency. For this reason, we recommend undertaking basic improvements in existing properties. This can include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing. This ensures maximum efficiency of your heat pump.


Ecodan Cylinders

Approved package or pre-plumbed systems ensure you get the best performance and enjoy the full range of benefits that Ecodan has to offer. If you install an approved packaged system, teaming Ecodan with the ideal water storage cylinder you will get the perfect control system.

All Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan FTC5 cylinders use plate heat exchanger technology instead of an in-cylinder coil. Giving a 17% improvement in DHW efficiency (over the FTC4 cylinders). You will also benefit from quicker heat up times.

There are five Cylinder solutions:

  • Monobloc Packaged Cylinder
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Slimline Cylinders
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Standard Cylinders
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinders
  • Split Cylinders

The Energy and Climate Change Committee recognises that air source heat pumps could meet up to 75% of residential heating demand in the UK.

Controls, Metering & Monitoring


At the core of the Mitsubishi Electric Heating Products is the advanced fifth generation controller. (FTC5). The controllers include intelligent room temperature control as standard. This combined with modern weather compensation ensures the system delivers efficient, comfortable heating. This goes for all seasons, all year around.

The control systems come with free energy monitoring and users are able to measure both consumed electrical energy and produced heat energy to the nearest kWh.

Additionally, the systems energy performance can now be viewed conveniently too. This covers historic energy consumption, heat production and run cost reports. Available to view via the main controller, SD card or MELCloud.

The remote control covers all of the system features, including;

  • hot water and heating functions
  • frost protection
  • holiday mode and 7 day schedule

Available anywhere in the world via MELCloud.