Air SOURCE HEAT PUMP - Lailey & Coates LCM-06,09,17


A better way to heat your home
A heat pump will keep your home constantly at the temperature you decide without ever needing to change control settings AND reduce your heating bills by up to 50%.

Easier to Install and Operate
Lailey & Coates heat pumps use a full colour, touch screen controller, and software designed specifically for our heat pumps by British Engineers. This makes our units simple to integrate into UK homes and simple to operate.

Engineered for the British Climate
Our heat pumps have been optimised to give better efficiency in British winter conditions. They achieve excellent COP's at 4.5 - 4.8 - significantly higher than most mass market heat pumps.

The Lailey and Coates Monobloc range is ideally situated in close proximity to your property minimising heat loss and maximising efficiency. All our heat pumps are MCS passed ensuring peace of mind and eligibility for the RHI government payback scheme.

Better at UK Winter Temperatures
By optimising our performance for British winter conditions, we have been able to improve efficiency in the critical temperature range of +7ºC to -2°C.

Exceptional Value
Constructed from top quality components and delivering class leading efficiency they represent a premium quality heat pump at a mass market price.
We can also arrange for one of our qualified installation partners to fit your heat pump and allow you to claim the RHI payments.

No hidden extras
Lailey and Coates heat pumps come complete with internal unit and integrated LCD.
Heat mats are also fitted as standard.
Our 'ready to go' controls ensure a painless and quick commissioning process.