Green Deal (contained within the Government’s Energy Act 2011) aims to reduce carbon emissions by revolutionising the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes and businesses by 2020.


Why is Green Deal Needed?

As a result of the Climate Change Act 2008 and before further climate change occurs, the UK legally committed to reduce its carbon emissions across all sectors of the economy.

As half of the UK’s carbon emissions result from energy used in the UK’s homes and businesses they are being encouraged to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, in turn reducing the amount of money spent.

How does Green Deal work?

  • Step One: The property owner contacts a Green Deal provider.
  • Step Two: An accredited adviser visits the property, undertakes an assessment and reports back to Green Deal provider.
  • Step Three: Based upon the assessment, the Green Deal provider recommends an appropriate package. If acceptable the property owner signs up to the Green Deal.
  • Step Four: The agreed renewable energy technology is installed at the property by an accredited installer.
  • Step Five: Upon installation, the Green Deal provider informs the property owner’s energy supplier, who adds a charge to the property owner’s energy bill.
  • Step Six: The property owner pays the energy bill, including the Green Deal Charge. Once the energy improvements have been paid for the Green Deal Charge is no longer applicable.

Who is eligible?

Broadly speaking everyone, from households to businesses, schools to hospitals, care homes to landlords.