Renewable Franchise Opportunities

The renewable sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe, with the UK still in its infancy compared to other major European countries. The UK has high targets to achieve by 2020 and beyond to 2050. Currently around 1.5% of our energy is provided by renewable sources; by 2020 this figure needs to reach 15% and 40% by 2050.


Room for expansion

As a country we need to increase our current renewable supply tenfold in the next eight years. The renewable sector is the fastest growing, is high on the Government’s agenda and is at the forefront of technology growth. As demand grows, supply will need to match it.

This presents fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs and those wishing to establish a career in a rapidly growing market.


Green Square™ are unique – not only within the renewable sector but within any franchise opportunity. Unlike all others, we not only own the trademark and ‘know how’ but we also own: Unique interactive tools that fully design renewable systems and the companies that supply, support and train all Green Square™

Franchise owners

This means you are not wholly reliant on external providers – we do everything ‘in-house’ ensuring you get maximum support and help in achieving your goals and aspirations.  This is a unique ‘top down’ new franchise opportunity giving you the confidence when deciding your future.

We work to geographical locations ensuring you are protected in the areas of your operation and can maximise your full potential.

Many of the products supplied by Green Square outlets are exclusive to Green Square and are some of the best priced and highest performing products within the UK today. With a large, strong team supporting all the Green Square products and knowledge, you can be assured of a competitive and unique edge over anyone else within this industry in the UK.

For further information please visit our dedicated franchise website or contact us here for a full prospectus : 0845 263 7474.