Ecodan Cylinders

Approved package or pre-plumbed systems ensure you get the best performance and enjoy the full range of benefits that Ecodan has to offer. If you install an approved packaged system, teaming Ecodan with the ideal water storage cylinder you will get the perfect control system.

All Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan FTC5 cylinders use plate heat exchanger technology instead of an in-cylinder coil. Giving a 17% improvement in DHW efficiency (over the FTC4 cylinders). You will also benefit from quicker heat up times.

There are five Cylinder solutions:

  • Monobloc Packaged Cylinder
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Slimline Cylinders
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Standard Cylinders
  • Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinders
  • Split Cylinders