Design and Survey

It is essential that an in-depth site survey should be conducted by experienced/qualified personnel prior to purchasing to ensure that the technology that you have chosen is sized appropriately to maximise its efficiency. You can arrange a site survey through your nearest Green Square showroom.


Talk to the experts...

If you wish to explore the possibilities of having your own renewable solution, please contact your nearest Energy Centre where you can talk directly to one of our specialist consultants who can help you to design your own solution that can be fully integrated with a wide range of renewable technologies.  Once we have an understanding of what is required we can tell you whether a renewable system is both possible and financially viable with solutions and estimated costs.

It is also very important to us that we do not put you under any pressure whatsoever, especially in your own home.  This is why we go to the extra expense of having a local showroom.  We want you to feel completely comfortable in any decision you make, after all, its one of the largest financial investments you may make… and hopefully one of the most rewarding.