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Monobloc air source heat pumps

Colin Hemmings, UK

Colin Hemming from Rhondda Valley in South Wales had a vision to build and live in a self-sufficient, environmentally friendly home. Colin’s dream came true 18 months ago when the 48 year old civil engineer built a fully sustainable house running solely on renewable energy supplies. This included, a Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), solar panels, underfloor heating and a water harvesting system to collect and reuse rain water.

Having worked his entire career within the construction industry, Colin had a good understanding of what he was embarking on when he began drawing up plans for his new eco-home.

When I presented my plans to the local authority in Rhondda Valley, officers were keen to approve planning permission and had never been presented with a proposal that ticked so many eco-friendly boxes.

Colin’s wife Tracy and two daughters, Jenna, 22, and Tamara, 28, who are equally eco-conscious, were fully supportive of his ambitious project, and they weren’t the only ones.

But Colin didn’t enter in to his decision lightly; he and wife Tracy spent months travelling across the UK to attend a series of renewable energy exhibitions, to source the best and most suitable green technologies to install in their new home.


Having done his research, Colin opted for the Monobloc ASHP for its efficiency, easy installation and appealing aesthetics. The Monobloc, engineered by Lailey and Coates, is rapidly increasing in popularity for its high energy output. Working alongside underfloor heating, solar PV and solar thermal, Colin now has a constant and reliable heating and hot water supply to his home throughout the year.

Colin continued: “The heating and hotwater supplies to my home are working brilliantly. It’s been a fantastic decision, the new house pays for itself entirely.”

The savings Colin is making on traditional fuel bills are already strikingly obvious.

The government pay-outs that Colin receives through the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme, covers the very minimal electricity usage, meaning zero energy costs overall.

It’s a great feeling to know that I am doing my part for the environment, and my family and I can live both guilt, and energy cost free.