Installation of an air source heat pump and a direct hot water cylinder


Stephen had been using a solid fuel coal boiler for the last 25 years in his 3 bedroom semi-detached cottage in the north Hampshire countryside.  Mains Gas were not available, but the dirt and cost of the manual coal boiler was finally proving to much.

After completing a full technical survey of the property, we established a new 12kw NIBE ASHP would work very effectively.  We needed to upgrade several radiators within the home, but this allowed us to oversize and achieve better efficiencies on the whole system.

A new DHW cylinder was also installed, removing the old open-vented copper cylinder and converting the house to a mains pressurised system, delivering a high hot water performance in all bathrooms – removing the need for electric showers.

Stephen also receives the RHI for his system, and combined with energy savings, Stephen will re-coup all of his costs and have a low cost modern heating system in pace of his manual solid fuel boiler.


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