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pellet stoves

Mark Mason & Carola Schreiber, UK

When Mark and Carola decided they wanted a secondary source of heating in their home, they looked to the continent and tapped into their previous travelling experiences for inspiration.

Their home didn’t have a fire place however on their last trip abroad Mark and Carola had seen a pellet stove in an Alpine restaurant which was green, functional and modern as well as easy to maintain and more efficient than mainstream alternatives.

The pellet stove is easy to use and cheap to run. We not only have a beautiful talking point in our home now but also an investment for long term financial savings.

With the idea sown, they contacted a friend in Denmark where pellet stoves are common place. The friend, who had run and owned one in his home, was able to highlight to Mark and Carola all the advantages of a pellet stove having first-hand experience in a domestic setting.

Mark contacted several companies in the UK to see whether he was able to get similar technology in his home. It became clear quite quickly that knowledge of pellet stoves in the UK was very limited and companies had either only ever fitted a couple or were totally inexperienced in this arena.

The couple then contacted Green Square where they learnt that Managing Director Richard Hiblen had had hands on experience over many years with pellet stoves. Mark, Carola and Richard agreed to meet and discuss all the options and additional ideas for their home.

Within weeks, all had been finalised and the two days of installation began along with the set up for a storage area for the pellets.

Mark said: “Making the decision to choose a renewable form of energy for the home was simple, finding a company to deliver our green dream was difficult. It would have been easy for us to choose a wood burning stove as an additional source of heat for our home but we were inspired by our travels and wanted to bring some of our memories into our home to create a real warm feeling.

“The pellet stove is easy to use and cheap to run and most importantly for the construction of our house, the positioning means that with the internal doors open in the house, the stove heats the home.