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The benefits, savings and earnings potential with a Biomass Boiler

Gas boilers may be the traditional option for many properties, but the benefits of renewable energy products such as biomass are positively changing opinions. Combined with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, it is a great reason to replace your boiler with this renewable energy source.


Biomass Boilers burn either wood pellets, wood chips or logs to provide heat to your property and will work in conjunction with your existing heating system and provide hot water too. These wood fuelled biomass boilers are extremely cost effective and can save you up to £600 on your fuel bill a year compared to standard electric heating.

Installation costs and RHI payback

Biomass Boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, where the Government support your decision to install renewable energy products and pay you money over a 7 year period. The scheme means that you can install your renewable energy solution and pay for it with the money earnt from the RHI and still reduce your annual heating costs and be much greener.

This should be seen as a long term investment, especially when comparing with non-renewables. For example - The installation costs of a Biomass boiler in an average size property is around the £9,000 mark. An average house may have an annual heating output of 25,000kWh, so with the RHI payments would attract earnings of approx. £1,500 per year. This is paid for 7 years so your installation costs are easily covered.

Running costs for your new boiler system

The average price of wood pellets are around 4.2p p/kWH which is similar to gas, however it is cheaper than oil at 6p/kWh. In the future the price of wood pellets should become the better option as gas prices continue to rise. Something to consider when looking at Biomass – they are not effected by these charges of fuels like oil and gas from importations.

Wood pellets created from waste wood materials are the most suitable fuel for biomass boilers and typically cost between £150 and £200 per tonne with the average household requiring approximately 11 tonnes of wood pellets per year. Another key incentive is the possibility you may be able to source your own wood supplies, meaning you are then able to heat your home for free!

Types of Biomass Boilers

The average cost to run a biomass boiler using wood pellets is around 4.2p p/kWH of usage, which is much cheaper than oil at 6p/kWh. Wood pellets created from waste wood materials are the most suitable fuel for biomass boilers and typically cost approx. £200 per tonne. The average household requires 3 - 5 tonnes of wood pellets per year.

Green Square have three types of domestic Biomass Boilers to choose from;

  • Log Biomass Boilers
  • Wood Pellet Biomass boilers
  • Wood Pellet Biomass Stove Boilers

Log boilers


These are generally wood stove models, working in conjunction with back boilers. They are ideal as a link in system to more traditional Gas and Oil boilers and give you a secondary source of heating. With logs being readily available, you have guaranteed heat when you want with low fuel costs. When installing domestic biomass boilers, you will often have to replace your current water cylinder to a more modern Thermal Store to allow full integration..

Pellet Boilers


A boiler only model is a great all year round solution. Often located in utility rooms, it has a number of add-on options to make the system more automated. These can include large add-on fuel storage to self-cleaning models, it is a complete, standalone boiler system that one has little interaction with. Fit and forget, with minimal maintenance required..

Pellet Stove Boilers


Pellet Stove Boilers tend to have a more aesthetic appeal to them. They can be situated anywhere where you might place a traditional stove, but with the added benefit of feeding your complete heating and hot water system also. The mechanics are much the same as the Pellet boilers but with an element of heat to the room (typically 10% of total KW output). This makes for a very cosy heating solution in the winter months, not only feeding all your radiators and hot water needs, but having a working stove in the living space.

Making the most of your Renewable Energy System

Green Square can offer a complete range of renewable products to provide a greener alternative and reduce your annual bills. There’s never been a better time to get a quote for your renewable energy solution, with so many options available you are sure to find the best suited to you and your property with Green Square.

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