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The Benefits of Renewables for Your SME business

WIth so many renewable energy technologies to choose between: from Biomass boilers or stoves to the wonders of Solar energy, many SME’s may already know about the advantages these solutions can bring.

Whether it’s savings that are your priority or building a reliable, sustainable future, we’d like to highlight just how these ideas become great ideas for your business or property… And with the business sector being the largest consumer of power in the country, buying around 56% of all the UK’s electricity, the statistics speak for themselves.

When businesses decide to invest in alternative, green energy solutions, you will be paid for every kWh of energy that is generated. This works in exactly the same way for homeowners and anyone else who has invested in renewable, and therefore reap the benefits from these schemes. But for businesses especially, it’s always important to be vigilant with outgoings and your yearly savings add up! The returns outweigh the costs, and this is one of the most important selling factors. It’s believed that every kWh produced with renewable energy products is approximately the equivalent to saving half a tonne of greenhouse gasses each year.


In some cases, the benefits of renewables to your business could seem too good to be true! Especially when some of the most valuable factors and benefits are not necessarily well known to business owners, this is why we’d like to share our knowledge and our aim is to generate interest about renewable energy as best as we can.

Many businesses invest from an environmental standpoint, understanding the knock on effects of gasses and how to do your bit. However, making the key is usually the savings aspect of converting. For example, even if you use the energy generated, you will still be paid for it. You save again on the energy that you are not buying from your previous provider too. Even on weekends or slower days where you are still producing energy but perhaps not using as much – you’ll still be paid for your returns from the national grid. It’s a great incentive and really helps promote how worthwhile renewable energy is to our future, and for the future of small to medium business enterprises.

Benefits and savings with Biomass and Solar for your Business

Similarly, introducing Biomass products like our Green square Biomass Boilers or Biomass stoves to attend your heating requirements, work by burning pellets or wood which is taken from specially grown and managed wooded areas. Taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) means you can earn even more whilst making a great addition to your business.

It's worthwhile to look up how locally you may be able to source your wood for biomass products from as it could be surprisingly close. Being carbon neutral, and being in close proximity to a responsibly catered to wooded area means that there is minimal carbon impact. Equally importantly to you, it’s a lot cheaper to produce heat this was than via electricity, whilst you are also paid to produce it too.

All you need to do is ensure that you have your own building and premises, or indeed a long-term lease in place to be eligible. This is to ensure that you are able to get permission for either the solar panels or biomass/heat pumps etc to be installed. For biomass deliveries, you will need to be set up for a designated time and date which you can discuss with your local option.

Businesses see a very noticeable positive impact when they are heavily reliant on electricity and make the switch. This can reduce your consumption up to 50%, without compromising on warmth and efficiency of your heating. Some people may believe that going green means lacking in power, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Boosting company value and social reputation

Another aspect is that you will be helping your corporate social responsibility. Being seen and respected as environmentally friendly, provides commercial benefits. You will ensure that potential clients, or investors will see your support and it will promote better company valuations too.

Companies that choose to buy renewable products and use renewable power are positively showing to the public that the public policies and initiatives towards the ideal lower carbon economy we aim for. This is great news to win potential new customers and clients. With companies, UK customers are far more likely to recommend a company or brand that have invested in their own renewable energy solutions or bought its energy from renewable sources, showing support for their environment and the public.

Showing that you invest in these technologies enhances corporate reputations and provide more chances for bigger renewable energy projects in the future. This opens up bigger opportunities for feed in tariffs and other schemes, which so many businesses can benefit from. It’s important to remember the large scale effects that your small input can have. The benefits are hard to ignore and we hope that businesses can continue to support renewables.