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How will your renewables integrate into your future property development plans?

Planning renewable energy products into your future property or extension works is a great idea, but considering these options in advance pays off. There are many positives to installing home renewables, like enjoying the independence and knowledge that they are helping maintain the environment - but have you thought about storage and requirements specific to your property? Or how the renewable products work in accordance to your land? Whether you're an architect, self builder or business owner it’s important to take these aspects into consideration during the design process, and as early as possible.

When the initial designs and ideas for property are being drawn up, you want to invest in aspects of the building that will be tough to upgrade in the future. For example, flexibility and longevity of materials, insulation and natural ventilation, thermal mass, daylight distribution (for use with solar) are things that are important to get right, and consider how and which renewable products are best for you. If you are working with builders and contractors, an idea is to try to incorporate these ideas or theories to them, to form the best system and make your property as energy efficient as possible  – they may be knowledgeable in renewables already.

Organising your own personal renewable energy system is a process that needs to include analysing you existing electricity usage, understanding the technology options available, reading about your local codes and requirements and deciding whether you would like to operate your own system on or off the electric grid for your site. Where possible, it’s also good to be aware of the possible impact of your location and how your building or land is manageable.

The first step in finding out which renewable energy products are right for your property will be assessing your electricity needs. This will enable you to determine the size (costs) of the system you require. How your specific energy needs change through the day and over the year. Other measures to reduce electricity costs. There are helpful tips on how to carry out energy audits yourself online to ensure you install the right sized system.

Each postcode will have its own set of regulations regarding renewables in business and property. You will be able to find out more information about building codes, easements, local convenants and ordinances, technology specific requirements regarding renewables through your local government sites. These codes and rules will affect the types of renewable energy available and allowed installed, as well as if you decide to connect the system to the electricity grid, or use as a stand alone unit system.

Building inspectors are in place to make sure that your system and building complies with set standards, and that the structure you are adding is safe. As with all parts of the design process, tests may need to be carried out along with plumbing or electrical inspections. Following the National Electrical Code (NEC) will ensure that you are on the way to an inspections approval.

Making sure that we are planning ahead, and ensuring the future can be renewable by creating the most efficient energy system is the most strategic option for architects and designers alike. Despite many buildings and properties not using renewable energy right now, this will change in the future, especially as the UK Government is ensuring this happens.

In the future, renewable energy will be supplied in significant amounts, which of course, is great news. It will be on a bigger picture scheme like nationally using major wind farms and other large scale projects, as well as on a smaller level with individuals creating their own individual energy systems. Combined, the efforts will allow us to move forward together and make the most of our renewables. Hence highlighting the importance of including renewable energy in your building and project plans from day one.

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