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Snap up Solar Energy this Summer

Generating your own power using the sun’s FREE energy should be something of a no-brainer. After your initial installation costs your hot water bills could be reduced by up to 80% every year – forever!

As an ever increasing popular renewable incentive, Solar energy continues to prove to be a cost effective solution for millions across the UK. During the last half of 2016, Solar power actually generated more electricity than coal power during the Summer months, so set yourself up for an energy efficient Summer (and many more to come!) with Solar.

Solar takes full advantage of one of the biggest and more powerful energy sources – our sun! The fact that is radiates free and reusable energy is a bonus when we consider it such an invaluable and important part of our lives. Solar produces electricity from its energy, assembling a simple and cost effective way to improve the way we live.

Solar Power and our environment

The most important element of solar energy, as with other renewables, is that it is entirely dependable, because there are no limits to the sun’s energy - unlike fossil fuels. Fossil fuels continue to generate increasingly harmful air pollution and contribute to global warming, whereas solar is always clean. This means that a typical solar generated home could save a tonne of carbon dioxide, similarly an acre of solar could save an incredible 10,000 tonnes.

In a single hour the sun is able to transmit even more energy than the world would use in a year! Just imagine the improvements that switching to solar could have on your wallet, let alone your environmental footprint! Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much of distance, so it’s worth taking advantage of how easily accessible the suns energy is.

With environmental factors becoming an increasing issue for everybody, concerns arise about sustainability and investment prospects. Understandably, investment in the education of renewable energy has increased substantially in recent years – with promising outcomes.

Solar Technology

The technology itself is constantly evolving and discoveries and improvements are made all the time – Solar power is actually 100 times cheaper today than it was 35 years ago! It is also set to decrease further, and become increasingly more affordable.

Solar panels are one very popular option for your home or property. It’s a fuss free installation process and low maintenance for owners which is always good news. The only thing that should be considered is that there is sufficient light source – so be mindful of trees blocking the light. In England and the UK, Solar panels are usually fitted at a 15 degree slant. This is to ensure their optimal performance and always allows them to get somewhat of a clean from rainfall. The panels themselves are also warranted for 25 years and they continue generating solar power for many years after this time period. The only thing you require to get started with solar panels is your own property, or land with planning permission!

Government in the UK has also made their voice on renewable energy clear by committing to generate 15% of the UK’s energy from sources that are strictly renewable by the year 2020. It’s great to know that by investing in solar you will also be proud to commit to a clean and renewable sourced energy whist supporting British installation companies and employees, especially during hardships of the UK economy. Find out more about what you can earn with the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Solar PV works in a way that the cells are made of layers of conductive material like silicon, when light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers. This is why when the sunshine is stronger (in the day, for example) the more electricity is generated. The large groups of cells are combined together into panels that can then be mounted on your roof or on the ground. The most common form of solar panels (PV) are roof mounted panels, which can be seen all around nowadays. Although, there are many types and forms available which may be better suited to your property or desired aesthetic, like solar tiles or ground panels.

Solar Thermal works by generating heated water using a flat plate solar panel called a collector. It is usually fitted to the side of your property’s roof. Inside of the collectors there are copper pipe coils which heat up once heated by the sun – ensuring the water starts to move. Anything that is left over from heating your home is safely stored in the Thermal Heatbank to use when desired.



Green Squares thermal heatbank offers a fully automated system that stores solar energy that is previously captured, to use at a later date for your heating. Ensuring maximum potential for its uses and none goes to waste in turn. This means even on cloudy days, or during the evenings you are able to use the solar you have generated yourself. Solar Thermal systems are typically cheaper than Solar PV, if costs are an issue, however they still produce the same kWh.

Combining Green Square renewable energy products together to form an advanced solar and biomass system is the easiest way to save money with solar, and make full use of every kWh you have generated.

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