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The Future is Renewable

Renewable energy is responsible for generating over 20% of the UK’s electricity and with current European Union targets in place - we are hoping to increase those figures to 30% by the year 2020. But how can you do your bit in your home or business? It's important to recognise the bigger picture and how your impact can help.

The future is indeed looking bright for renewables and our contribution to help reduce carbon emissions is set to improve greatly. With more products becoming available to the public and information circling we hope that interest will continue to rise.

Large scale technologies include on and offshore wind farms, biomass power stations and hydropower systems. In 2016 we saw so many promising projects across the UK – including;

  • Rampion Offshore windfarm with 116 turbines (Completion 2018)

  • Kilgallioch Onshore windfarm with 96 turbines (Completion 2017)

  • Vine Farm Solar power generator (Completion 2017)

  • Lynemouth Biomass generator (Completion 2017)

  • Meygen Tidal farm with 269 turbines (Completion 2020)

But as far as future renewables go for your home and personal use there are so many ways to promote and continue generating your own renewable energy and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy for your home

Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Our Solar PV panels are fitted to your roof and convert sunlight into electricity. It’s an easy system to install, which is suitable for any house with an unshaded roof (or similar space) facing between south east and south west. The beauty of this is when you combine with a solar thermal heating system (also mounted onto your roof) it enables the solar collectors to heat water inside of the home too. Solar thermal systems can usually be integrated into your existing hot water system for ease. Combined again with the store to allow excess solar power to be used afterwards, making use of every kWh. Once installed, maintenance is minimal – some parts may need replacing after 10 years.

Weatherproofing and Insulating your home or business

Insulate lofts and walls - An average home can cut around 25-50% of energy use through simply just weatherproofing and introducing energy efficient appliances.

Technology controls

Smart technology – It’s nice to make the most out of digital and maximizing ease of use, meaning you have full control over your home or business premises. Digital thermostats are becoming more popular. Green square products have accessory kits for our Biomass boilers and Biomass stoves to access from your tablet and smartphone.

Biomass Boilers - A renewable and environmentally friendly alternative

As opposed to non renewable sources of fuels, biomass fuel produces carbon that is balanced by the planting of trees. Trees need carbon dioxide to grow so it is the most environmentally friendly option! Green Square Biomass boilers use advanced controls to cleverly regulate itself and can be easily connected to your existing hot water distributed heating system. So for anyone looking for a boiler replacement or to save money on their water tank replacement a biomass boiler could be the option for you. For home use the recommended biomass fuel is wood and this can come in the form of pellets, logs and chips. Wood chips are usually the most energy efficient.

Heat pumps

Air source and Ground Source Heat Pumps work by taking low temperature heat from your destinations surrounding area and then turn it into higher temperature heat in order to provide water heating around the building.  Depending on your needs, these can either be air source or ground source – to look more into which can cater to you see our previous blog here.

LED lighting

Energy efficient lighting - Using high efficiency LED lighting means reducing energy use by up to 80-90% and can last around 100,000 hours. They even light up faster than regular bulbs!