Domestic Biomass Boilers are used in residential properties, but can also relate to smaller commercial properties too.
A Biomass Boiler with a 45kw output or less would be considered a domestic sized boiler. These Biomass Boilers can attract the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme for home owners and business owners alike.

There are three main types of domestic Biomass Boilers;

  • Log Biomass Boilers
  • Wood Pellet Biomass boilers
  • Wood Pellet Biomass Stove Boilers

Go GREEn with a Biomass boiler

A Biomass boiler is an alternative solution to a traditional boiler with the benefits of being green, saving you money and earning an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


Log boilers

Typically these relate to wood stove models with back boilers. They are ideal as a link in system to more traditional Gas and Oil boilers, and can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and give you a secondary source of heating.

With logs being readily available and generally un-processed, you have guaranteed heat when you want at little to no fuel costs (depending on source of wood). Like other domestic biomass boilers, you will often have to replace the water cylinder to a more modern Thermal Store to allow integration and a battery storage style solution – burn now – use later.

Log Biomass Boiler
Pellet Stove Boiler.jpg

Pellet Boilers

A boiler only model, it won’t win any beauty contests but it is a good all year round solution. Often located in utility rooms and outbuildings, it has a number of add on options to make the system more automated, from large add-on fuel storage to self cleaning models, it is a complete, stand alone boiler system that one has little interaction with. Fit and forget, but it comes at a price.


Pellet Stove Boilers

Unlike their big brother, these have a more aesthetic appeal to them. They can be situated anywhere where you might place a traditional stove, but with the added benefit of feeding your complete heating and hot water system also. The mechanics are much the same as the Pellet boilers but with an element of heat to the room (typically 10% of total KW output). This makes for a very cosy heating solution in the winter months, not only feeding all your radiators and hot water needs, but having a working stove in the living space.

Pellet Stove Boilers

One thing to keep in mind is that the Boilers requires manual loading and a weekly clean. Although this takes a few minutes each week, the positive shows through. With a relatively low capital investment in comparison to competing renewable boilers and the returns through RHI are very good. You should easily repay capital spends and often double the returns with these Boilers.

Biomass Boiler systems for homes generally do not require further work on the existing heating system. For example: Heat Pumps, have lower output temperatures which means upgraded radiators and often under-floor heating is always recommended. However, Biomass Boilers have a high temperature output, meaning most radiator systems are more than adequate, so the installation time for a biomass solution is greatly reduced.


I want to be environmentally friendly but I’m scared of change!

You don’t need to worry; all of the stoves and boilers that we provide at Green Square are very similar to the traditional gas boilers in most homes. Not only do they use thermostats and time controlled systems they also automatically feed the wood pellets from the storage container (known as the hopper) into the burn tray so a constant flame is created and then monitored to ensure maximum efficiency.

How do I choose the correct product for me?

Well, there are lots of things to consider such as:

  • The size of the room to be heated
  • How much insulation you have in the room already
  • The shape of the room
  • Your heating requirements
  • Whether this is your primary or secondary source of heating
  • The position of where the flue pipe would have to go
  • What type of heating you would prefer from your stove – Air or Hydro

Air – The stove warms up the room that it is placed in.

Hydro – The stove utilises your existing plumbing system and heats up your entire house.

You really don’t have to worry though, here at Green Square we are more than happy to discuss all your needs with you and even perform an in home survey to confirm your requirements. What’s more we can even help you make your home completely ‘Green Friendly’ so you can make the most out of the government’s incentive schemes.


What is a remote hopper?

Adding a remote hopper to your boiler in the perfect solution if running times need to be extended and space in not an issue. The hoppers specially designed auger arm which transports the pellets can be turned up to 270° to help give you versatility when putting it into position.

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