Sonnenkraft SA-HP

Sonnenkraft SA-HP

Benefits of the Heatpipe SA-HP160

Cost-efficient system
Simple installation on flat roofs
Simple and fail-safe system according to the Heatpipe principle - no solar pump required
Tank temperature limiting due to low evaporation temperature of heat transfer medium
Maintenance openings on the back
Solar Keymark system certified to EN12976

The SA-HP system works on the Heatpipe principle that prevents overheating. This system is already assembled and consists of a high selective coated collector and an enameled and well insulated tank with magnesium anode. The mounting system can be installed in a very short time and is the ideal solution for hot water production in facilities such as small houses or second homes who want to increase their energy efficiency. The new designed waterproof back shell gives the SA-HP160 a smart and modern appearance.

Quick Mounting
Everything is pre-mounted at delivery.

Easy and Reliable
The solution is based on proven and durable technology. All components are of premium quality.

Affodable Foe All
An ideal solution for production of domestic hot water in small installations.