MCZ Compact 15 slim



Hydro Nominal power 13.5 kW
Hearth thermal power 15 kW
Nominal performance 90%
Second class EN303-5 5
Dimensions (W x D x H) 989 x 279 x 1119 mm
Weight 200 kg
Smoke exhaust diameter 80 mm
Hopper capacity 40kg / 61.5L
Runtime with one load 13 h

Compact pellet boiler for confined spaces (under the staircase, storage room, small utility compartments, etc.) with high performance levels and extensive operating control. The hydraulic part can be completed with 4 different kits depending on the system’s needs. Wide range of pellet loading and storage systems (from 200kg to 1900kg). You can check the temperature of the puffer tank and/or domestic hot water through the boiler’s panel.

Loading hopper with approximately 60 litre capacity (40 kg)
Rear or top smoke exhaust
Second class 5 EN 303-5/2012
Wide adjustment: from 4.5kW to 15kW