Ground Source Heat PUMPS

A Ground Source Heat Pump draws in heat from the ground. It then transfers this heat to provide you with your heating needs. It distributes it via your underfloor heating and radiators.

When the outside temperature is below zero, 100% of your heating and hot water needs can be generated. This is because the ground temperature is generally between 6 – 12 degree C all year round.

The ground loop can sit horizontally or vertically..  Horizontally laid loops need to be a meter below the surface. If vertically laid, a bore is drilled around 100 meters down. If you have a lake, they work very well as this temperature is also quite consistent.

The most common configuration is horizontal ground loop. This loop is laid in a straight line, spaced at least 1 meter apart. The ground work can be expensive, often costing more than the Heat-pump unit itself. Also, a good deal of land is needed. A good rule of thumb being 3 times the amount of floor space you are looking to heat.